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    Landesk is not fit for purpose


      OS deployments used to be so simple...... I took an image , made a bootable DVD, users downloded the iso, burnt it to disk and it worked everytime. now my company has bought LANDesk..............


      For the last 8 months i have been trying to get a stable OS deployment. one day it works , next day it doesn't, fails at different points in the provisioning actions, absolutely no logs available to say why, other than it is failed!!! i spend my entire day dealing with escalations as to why machines are not imaged properly. end users hate it becuase they don't know if imaging tasks are complete or not as there is no built in notification for end users. HII is rubbish as most of the manufacturers supply their driver packages in a format that is not compatible with LANDesk. I don't want to spend my days routing through extracted driver packages tring to find native driver files.


      I am serously considering turning the thing off or changing my job because of it.


      shocking piece of software, only seems useful for SMB's not a global enterprise peforming numerous imaging tasks a day. it cannot be trusted to complete an image once it's been started.....it is certainly not fire and forget.


      I am a IT consultant and would not recommend this product to any future client...... it's that bad a trip.


      I am seroiusly going to recommend to my Company that we return to making DVD media and images per model rather than use landesk for imaging. at least then i'd only get involved everytime an new model comes out and not everytime an image task is scheduled and subsequently fails. we are only acheving a 15% sucess rate using provisioning.


      And before anyone says that we must be doing it worng.........our provisioning templates were written by LANDesk engineers!!!!!!!!


      It is now approaching 10pm, and look... another escalation on my Blackberry that an image has failed...happy days

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          Tanner Lindsay SupportEmployee

          I'm sorry that you have had so many struggles with LANDesk Provisioning. You are not alone. We have been aware of these challenges for some time.


          You indicated that templates fail randomly, or work one day and not another. That is something we focused on for SP3. We did extended testing on a large scale to help improve scalability and reliability. Last I heard we had run over 20k tasks.


          You can find more information about SP3 here: Management Suite / Security Suite 9 Service Pack 3

          Specifically on OSD, HII and Provisioning: OSD, HII and Provisioning in LANDesk Management Suite 9 SP3


          If your OSD deployment tasks are relatively simple, you may have better success using the OSD tool (scripts) instead of Provisioning Templates. You lose the flexibility, but it is much simpler and more like the DVD you said you used to send.


          I'm not sure where your template originally came from, but if you are concerned about that, or would like more specific assistance, feel free to contact LANDesk Support and we can help out. SP3 will really help with reliability.


          We do have customers who do hundreds of OS deployments daily. I don't want you to have all this extra work and escalations at 10PM, so hopefully we can get things running more smoothly for you.