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    pbm to deploy dccu or cctk to dell optiplex error sce




      I've been changing BIOS settings with the  DCCU or  CCTK to dell optiplex 980 and 990. My EXE  runs manually without a problem, but when I try to  push the application by  package, it errors out stating that SCE  encountered a problem and had to close. ( if the user who are logged is not an administrator )


      If I'm  logged onto a system as a local admin, I can run the program without  problems, but it does not run for non-admin users. If I'm logged on as a  non admin and try to Run As an admin, I get the SCE error. So,  apparently, i can't do a run as of SCE in WinXP.





      Please help, ty


      landesk 9 sp2

      devices in XP