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    objet vide à ignorer




      Nous sommes sur LDSD 7.4 depuis environ 1 mois


      Nous venons de nous rendre compte que lorsqu'un utilisateur envoi un mail sans objet, celui-ci rentre quand même dans l'outil LDSD. Ce que nous souhaitons pas.


      Pouvez vous nous aider ?




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          I had to use Google translate to read your question, so forgive me if I've misunderstood the problem, but a blank subject line won't be added to LANdesk as an Incident because the Subject is mapped to the Title field, which is mandatory and cannot be NULL.


          To get around this, you need to create a Template and add a default subject line (something like "No Subject Provided" should work) then in the properties for this field you set Overwrite to True. In your mail mappings set your mapping to use this template when adding inbound emails as incidents.


          What this means is that if an email arrives with a subject line it is added as normal, however if no subject line is present it uses the default value that was entered in the Template.


          Hope this helps.




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            Good work Haydn.


            I haven't translated the above, but going on what you have just said, if it is not possible to have a blank subject line, is it possible to just uses character spaces instead, thus not making it null?  (I guess I could have tried this myself).


            I could just as easily be missing the whole question in this post anyway...

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              Hi Paul,


              Essentially the problem, as I understand, is that emails come into the mailbox with no subject and LANDesk does not log them because the Title field cannot be NULL. By setting a default Title value in the Template and allowing overwrite it negates this problem, so theoretically that Title value can be anything you want, so long as it is a saveable value in the Template.




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                Ah, and there lies the problem with my assumption - I was assuming you were referring to outbound, and didn't consider inbound.  I haven't studied French since Grade 7 after all, although I was in Paris a few weeks back...  Luckily for me, most people spoke English.

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                  the problem is that the incident still fits in LANDesk Service Desk without the object.
                  We want the opposite


                  help me please

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                    Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

                    As Hadyn says you can setup the system so that it inserts a template based title if the source email subject is blank in the inbound mail but in my experience here I would say that the problem should be looked at from a different angle.


                    For any end user Incident in ServiceDesk IMHO the process should include a Triage phase where the Analysts can review those user logged Incidents and clean them up as necessary as the quality of some of the data users log is sometimes patchy so this is a chance to review the data placed and cleanup as necessary, including the summary/title field. In solutions I have done we move the Incident to a "Pending Review" state so these can be easily identified in queries/dashboard etc.



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                      Jean-Robert Tellier Employee


                      le système d'intégration ne pourra pas empecher la prise en compte du message si l'objet est vide. Par contre en utilisant un processus spécifique qui pourra analyser les informations (par exemple que la description est vide) et ainsi redidiriger sur un statut de "stand by" ou vers le processus standard vous pourrez ne pas prendre en compte ces messages et les supprimer ensuite.