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    PXE issue


      Hey everyone,


      I've got a new LDMS 9 Core with SP2 installed, and I wanted to be able to setup OSD for our new Win 7 boxes that we'll be deploying soon.   I had a weird issue trying to get the core server to be a PXE rep, in that when scheduling the task, adding the core, and running it, it would say that it completed successfully, but never added the 2 LD PXE services.  The only way I've ever been able to get these services added is by finding and running the osdrep.msi file manually, without any of the switches that are in the PXE Rep Deployment ini file.


      I've created a basic Win 7 PXE Boot Menu, and have made sure to click update when I was ready to test.  When I go to Configure -> Services -> OS Deployment, I have my core server listed in Available proxies.  OSD validation is confirmed validated for Win PE, and Win PE is set as the default preboot environment.


      I have no other PXE reps in our environment, and I'm the only one who's built and worked on this server, so I have no one to blame.


      One of the new machines is unboxed and is serving as my test client.  It has been Sysprep'd (Win 7 Pro x84).  Upon startup, I do the usual F12, select NIC, and it gets an IP and talks with the core, then I'm prompted to hit F8 for PXE Menu.  Upon selecting WinPE Menu, it fails in literally less then 5 seconds and then tells me to reboot the computer because my selected boot method failed.  I find it odd since I don't see a particular error message.  I have included a screenshot, and would really appreciate any help.


      If there is anything else I need to provide for troubleshooting assitance, I'll obviously be more than happy to do so.  Thanks and happy holidays!!


      --Erich Haeusser

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          cplatero SupportEmployee

          The PXE deployment is failing most likely because the LD agent isn't installed on the core.


          It is recommended to not have the PXE rep installed to the core.  If possible, install the PXE rep to another system and remove it from the core.  But if you insist, put the LD agent on the core and then redeploy the PXE rep to the core.


          Finally, SP3 has recently been released.  I recommend going to SP3 since there have been changes to WinPE and imaging and you might as well only configure it once.  http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-1001

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            Ah, OK.  Well I finally get an opportunity to work on the core tonight, so I'm gong to upgrade it to SP3 and then see if I can get another server to be a PXE rep.  I'll be coming back to this thread later once I've been able to work on it.  Thanks for the tip!

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              Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

              By the way, the PXE services are small and designed for any agent, it doesn't have to be on a server.  Any client on a subnet will do.

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                I figured, but will likely keep it on a server so I don't have to question whether it's up or down at any given time - thanks for the tip though!


                Is there any way to speed up my abillity to download SP3?  I've sent an email to  [email protected] and put my name and company info in it, but I haven't heard anything back yet.  Since tonight is my only time to be able to work on it in the foreseeable future, I'm concerned I might not be able to get the SP3 update in time.


                Thoughts? =\



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                  I still cannot download SP3.  Is there any other way I can get this?

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                    EMiranda Expert

                    just going to chime in on the orginal issue.  In my experiences with PXE, when i had TFTP errors on PXE reps, it was because my MTU settings were wrong.  It likes a MTU seting of 1500 for some reason.   Just a thought and can check out while you track down your SP3 install...

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                      OK, I was able to get and install SP3 (had to call customer service) and will continue working later with OS Deployment, trying the things that have been mentioned so far in this thread.


                      Thank you all for your suggestions so far.  I will update later if everything works, or I'll be back with more questions.

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                        Everything works great!  Thanks to all for their suggestions.  I ended up installing an agent on the core.