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    9.0 SP3 HII - Setup cannot copy the file


      I am currently doing pilot work with SP3 HII in my lab. I have recently run into a problem that I wanted to see if anyone else has seen. I looked through the new documentation and did some searches, but was not able to come up with anything on this.


      I have a NVIDIA Quadro video drivers from Lenovo (http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/downloads/detail.page?LegacyDocID=MIGR-75171).


      The problem is that when a .inf driver file requests a file with a underscore ( "_" ) in the file extension such as .dl_ , .bi_, or .sy_.  It is not able to find the files right before the sysprep. Here is a picture of the error. I am receving an error for each file that has a underscore in it. With this driver there is a total of 12 of them.  If I attempt to hit Retry it will just prompt with the same error again.






      Once the desktop is loaded I will receive a similar error as the driver installed cannot find for all 12 files.






      When I go to the directory where it is attempting to download the files from I am able to see that all the files are in the directory that it is having problems finding. Even if I attempt to install the driver manually after the fact from the directory it will prompt me with the same problem.





      If I take the whole origional driver downloaded and extract the content I am able to browse to the driver and install it successfully.


      I have also installed all avaiable version of this driver (about 8 different versions and from both Lenovo and NVIDIA) and all of them are doing the same thing, so I need to find a way to address this issue.




      Here are my thoughts on this situation and am looking for some general input on what others might think it is:


      I think the HII methods scans the .inf and then pulls down the drivers, but there must be something it is missing during the download or HII driver database building process that is not being downloaded that the completed and full extracted driver has that it is installing.


      I have also attached the .INF file that is used for this driver.





      Also I have only tested this on XP so far, so not sure if this is going to affect Windows 7 as well.