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    On Demand Remote Control without ID1 and ID2 prompt


      I need to create an on-demand agent that does not prompt for ID1 and ID2. In fact, it needs to fill in ID1 and ID2 with the users name and computername respectively.


      I have this already set up on an old 8.8 core integrated with a gateway appliance. We have the remote control exe published on our corporate website for users to request support. We've built a new core and I cannot, for the life of me, remember how I did it. I know I had help from the community or LD support but I have nothting documented on how this is done


      Basically this would be an advanced configuration of the on demand RC client that connects the customer directly to the gateway without prompting them for ID1 and ID2. From the support side, the requesting machine shows up with the users login name in the ID1 field and the computername in the ID2 field.


      It can be done, I just failed to doucment how it was configured in the first place.