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    StartasUser.exe - Permissions



      When using the StartasUser.exe on a locked down Windows XP SP2 machine.  Does the user need administrative permissions on the box or does this app still run as system?  I am trying to use the Software Delivery Portal and the user are part of the Local Users" group not admin.  I need to be able to deploy this to the current user profile.









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          zman Master

          The startasuser.exe application will launch the supplied command line in the context of the user currently logged onto the system. It does not run as the local system account, and there are no elevated privleges. So if the app you are running needs elevated privilages it will fail if the user does not have local admin privs.


          Running Commands as the Logged on User Using StartAsUser.exe

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            So this tool is useless in a locked down environment.  ACT! 2007 and 2008 has to have Full Permissions to the system and will not install as the system.  Does Landesk have plans to figure out using this on locked down systems?  Just a question that they might want to look into. 






            Thanks for the quick response.






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              zman Master

              I believe if you use run from source in the delivery method and unc it will run under the credentials supplied for the preferred server. So if you are using a domain account that also has local admin privileges then you will be set. Request this feature as an ER, I have!!!! 8.8 has two options (runas system account, and user context) I would also like to have a third - supplied credentials. Here is the[link|m-3242]