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    Patch/Security Repair Task


      After running a Security Repair Task to apply Windows patches to our client pc's we need to run a batch file.  The reason for this is that IE patches change a few reg keys we have set for our environment.


      On other Scheduled Tasks I have the option of setting Multiple Packages and the order in which they run.  Is there no way to do this for a Repair task?  If not, is there a way to package the patches as a different type of distruibution task?

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          cplatero SupportEmployee

          When you right-click on the patch or group you want to patch and click "Repair", don't select "Repair as a scheduled task".  Instead, chose "Repair as a policy".


          This will create a package in your distribution packages which you can chain with dependent packages. Also, you can either delete or change the created scheduled task to be a different repair method (push, policy supported push, etc).

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            Thank you, I was not aware that the Repair as a Policy created a Distribution Package.  Now I have the problem that we use a delivery method that allows the User to delay the package from running.  We do this so that patches are not installed and the PC rebooted while a User is still using the pc.  Delivery Methods that allow a delay are not permitted to be used with a multi-package task.


            If I look at the package created by the Repair Policy it refernces this as the primary file:  http://**CoreServer**/landesk/files/ldrunner.exe


            I was looking to possibly alter the package to add my regedits to the package so we can still use the delay Delivery Method we currently use.