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    Post SP3 HII Not Working...


      Thank you Landesk-my work load has just increased...


      Before SP3 HII worked, has its issues, we can live with that...Now, that changes made to HII when imaging the drivers are not injected into the OS, can I find any helpful documentation, no.  The documentation I can find is only SP2 and below, in the console I have losed the ability to add drivers to the driver library..


      So how do I trouble shoot the issue if there is no documentation? seach the forum...


      SP3 ReadMe file- only in the Download section, and how do you get to the download section? ask to be allowed access, I have done via landesk instructions and email in 6 times over the past year-still nothing...



      My issues is this What has changed in HII, where is the documantation, how do I toubleshoot the issue....


      Come On Landesk sort yourself out, I'm all for improvement but for the sake of my work load...get some new or updated documantation up...




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          magelan Apprentice

          Hi Steve,


          have you read these hints for SP3:






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            HI Megelan


            I have yes..... The problem is that the drivers are not injected in to the image as they did in SP2....

            Besides the document really tells nothing on what changes to HII have been made and the way it works now.  Like is HII supporting exe files now?

            What is HII process now? where it injects the drivers, at least then I can try and fine out what the issue is or where to look..




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              zman Master

              What Client OS, Hardware are you using? No support for exes http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-8674.


              So a couple of issues here:

              • SP3 documentation = not good. everyone needs to petition LANDesk for better pre and post SP/Change documentation, especialy if they continue to add new functionality into SPs (they say they are not in the future).
              • This doc is about the client process http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-24423 Read comment about logs.
              • Core Side http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-24084 (make sure you use the second paragraph about SP3
              • Hopefully EMiranda will start using this and provide the great help he hasin the past


              My understanding is that it puts all the drivers in a sqlite db called drivers.db3. You can use any sqlite viewer to open this db to at least check and see if LANDesk is picking up the drivers.


              Stuff I scraped from a presentation:


              Parses through every .inf files
              › Find the Device ID and Compatible IDs for each driver
              › Find the Windows versions that can use the driver (XP, Win7, 2k8)
              › Determine which architectures can use the driver (x86, x64)
              › Determine the associated files needed for the driver (sys, cab, etc.)

              Data stored in Driver Library
              › Stored at the root of the Driver Repository
              › 100 MB for 6.82 GB of data
              › drivers.db3

              Dependent on valid, accurate drivers from vendors
              › If the driver is corrupt or poorly written there may be problems
              › These problems would exist for a manual installation as well
              Download the HII Driver library
              › Can be downloaded from a Preferred Server! UNC or HTTP!
              Identify the installed OS
              › Looks for and detects which version of Windows is on the disk
              › Detects the installed architecture
              Identify all connected hardware devices
              › Uses Windows APIs to gather hardware information
              › Hardware ID and Compatible IDs
              Match with drivers in the library
              › Uses the same rating system as Windows to determine best fit
              › Generates a list of necessary files
              Download drivers
              › Downloads from Preferred server, UNC or HTTP!
              › Downloads to C:\Windows\LDDriverStore
              Install Drivers
              › Process differs between Windows XP and Windows 7
              Window XP
              › Path to drivers added to DriverPaths registry key
              › MSD driver manually injected to allow machine to boot
              Windows 7 (and others)
              › Uses DISM to install the drivers into the OS while still in WinPE and
              device is “offline”
              › Deployment Image Servicing and Management
              › Microsoft command-line tool used to service Windows images offline
              › Can be used to install, uninstall, configure, and update Windows
              features, packages, drivers, and international settings
              › Built into WinPE 3.1 and therefore LANDesk 9 SP3


              Hope this helps.

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                Thank you..


                OS. WinXp sp3...Dell, HP.. The thing is it was all working before the SP3, now its stopped... (i don't have control of the core and its been logged, but it really falls down on the HII) I can get away with just imaging and manually installing the drivers, but thats not the point...

                I will indeed look more into it, I have noticed that the driver.3db is not being injected  and the lddriverstore in windows directory is not being created...The HII log file is quite spare in that its states HII will not continue.


                I think there may be a larger issue at hand with the core/rights-so i've handed it off to the team.


                Thanks again



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                  zman Master

                  Just let us know the resolution. Sounds like possible rights issue on driver share???

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                    EMiranda Expert



                    I am back from vacation .  Zman nailed it on the SP3 process.  I have messed with SP3 HII but we don't use it yet. I like to have more control over my models and the point the pnp drivers to one central location is not sitting to well with me.  I do like the concept of matching hardware vendor IDs but the troubleshooting aspect seems far more time consuming. I have it setup in my Dev environment.


                    In the new driver GUI did you point the driver database to the root of your drivers folder in your network share? Not verified, but you may need to create a new OSD script. I am not sure if the old OSD script has the same REM lines to make the SP3 process work.


                    When the image is deployed in WinPE the SP3 process, you should see a DISM cmd window pop up and scroll through lots of driver injection code, did you see that?


                    you may want to remove the reboot option out of your OSD script and check these logs to see what is going on.


                    HIICLIENT.log - X:\Windows\System32

                    DISM.log - X:\Windows\Logs

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                      Well, what can I say but thanks to everyone....


                      They say that the simplest of issues if you back track...thanks to a work buddy, Bertie...you star....


                      The UNC Path & the Http:// path was looking at completely different areas of the core-no idea why it changed...buthe pointed it to the correct area..bang all up and running....



                      Thanks you guys for you imput (very red faced at the moe...) very helpful with the logs and such..


                      Still would love to see some documentation up....not only for me but other members..






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                        zman Master

                        NP, just mark this as answered.

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                          bcasler Apprentice

                          Ok post install and post problem here is the documentation... where is the pre install documentation so we can avoid these issues? Because there was a specific issue with HII you can look it up now BUT how do you know beforehand HII was going to be the problem. I have a simple request into he helpdesk juts to get a “what is different and what instructions for installing the SP3 pack” BUT… Crickets is all I hear

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                            zman Master

                            See first ER.



                            Please consider voting for these ERs:
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                            Cumlative Patch List for LANDesk Products
                            Query Builder Import
                            Provide bulk client deletions without carpal tunnel syndrome.
                            Core Synchronization Allow Mirror functionality from Master Core
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                              Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

                              Took me a second to realize you meant to look at the first ER in your signature.

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                                zman Master

                                I think we all need a vacation - LOL.