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    How can I use deleted machine name for new machine?


      Hello everyone,


      first of all, I want to thank you for this great community. It helped me a lot while setting up my LANDesk environment. After a few problems for whose I found the solutions in this community, everything nearly works fine now.


      There is just a small problem I didn't find a solution for.


      Here comes a short overview of my environment:

      I installed a clean Windows 7 installationen on a notebook. I created an OSD-script to capture this image. After image capturing, I created another OSD to deploy this image to another machine. I made everything with sysprep to deploy additional settings :-)


      After deploying the image to a new machine, the machine gets an name as I defined it. In OSD I definded to name the new machine after the scheme 'PC-nnn' and it correctly gets the name 'PC-001'. I deployed a bit more machines this way and they all got named correctly ('PC-002', 'PC-003' and so on...).


      Now here comes my problem:


      I want a new machine to use a machine name that was deleted before. E.g. when machine 'PC-002' is broken, I delete the machine from 'all devices' in LANDesk Mgmt. Suite. Then I want a new machine developed with exact this name. At the moment the new machine will get the next name in order (if 'PC-023' was the last name, it will get 'PC-024', not 'PC-002').


      I don't know if this is a failure or not? Is it even possible to realize this?


      Thanks for your qualified answers :-)

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          Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup



          That's going to be difficult. LANDesk uses a registry key on the Core Server to keeptrack of the number it has to give (HKLM\Software\Intel\LANDesk\LDWN\CustJob\PC-nnn and the DWORD name is ComputerNameRuleCount). So it just adds 1 everytime a computer gets this automatically generated name, it doesnt keep track of open spaces in the sequence after you delete computers from the DB. This probably can be done with some adcanced scripting and SQL queries, but it has the risk that you hand out double computernames if a computer is deleted from the DB but still active somehow/somewhere.


          Hope this helps you a bit on your way...


          Good luck,



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            Hi Frank,


            thanks for your reply. Helped me a lot :-)

            I'm not happy with that, but at least I know that it's naturally not possible to relize! :-)