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      Hi, We did not renew the security license on our product this year but we are still seeing the vulscan utility active in our environment. What do I need to do to unistall this piece from the agent? I could not see from the agent setup how I can change the agent config to omit this piece as to try and uninstall. How do I clean this utility out of our agent or systems?




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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup



          Vulscan is an integral part of the agent as it's used to keep the agent up to date with patches so you can't uninstall it.  To minimise impact, you should change your agent configuration to control what it will scan and when, plus you might want to move any content that you had before into Do Not Scan areas. Just because you aren't getting updated content anymore doesn't necessarily mean it won't scan for the content you already had.


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            MaXtar is correct, you can change how often vulscan runs, the time of day, etc, but it is part of the agent.


            Also, his advice to move items to the Do Not Scan folder will cause your scans do be done in mere seconds.


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