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    Preferred server requirements



      I was wondering if anyone was able to provide me with any info on what the specific requirements are for setting up a new preferred server. I have allot of information on how to configure the core to use a preferred server but what really need to know is ...

      1. Are there any minimum or recommended hardware requirements?
      2. What ports need to be open?
      3. Do I need to set MIME types?
      4. What authentication and permissions should be set?
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          Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

          Check out this document:



          It is more about the content replication, but also gives tips on the preferred server configuration.


          Basically, to answer your questions:

          1.) No. It all depends on how many clients will use the specific preferred server. Obviously, a server OS that can handle multiple connections and a disk with fast I/O are recommended when dealing with a large number of clients.

          2.) UNC and HTTP standard traffic for the clients to get to the packages. If you install a LANDesk Agent on the preferred server, all LANDesk ports should be open too, of course.

          3.) No. Unless you run into problems with specific extensions.

          4.) In the preferred server configuration in the Console you specify a user that connects on behalf of the clients. Basically, this user needs read rights.