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    Refernce list failure


      I have imported a reference list from an excel file but nothing shows in the list and if I try to create a new object I get a form for ..........\......... does not exist. I can't export the list to see what has been imported and I can't delete and start again.




      Any ideas? 

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          karenpeacock SupportEmployee



          First you will need to create a window for your object (this is why you are getting the 'Form Does Not Exist' error when trying to manually add one).  In Window Manager locate the HR - RefMagazine1 object and select to Create Window.  then you could autopopulate the window (or add what you want to it) and then save it.


          If the rows that you imported are still not showing after doing this then you can verify that they've not imported by creating a query on the HR - RefMagazine1 object.  if this is the case try the import again.  I am not certain that the import would've worked without a window existing for the object.


          Best wishes


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            Arrrghh how could I have been so stupid, of course I need to create the window first.


            Thank you