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    LDISCN32: Failed to resolve Host Name


      I have this on a few clients in my company - not all that I am aware of

      One of them is one of my test machines, so when I got the error today, I was able to "telnet ldcore 5007" and it connected

      I looked around and saw mention of the proxyhost.log file

      On looking I can see that it is indeed talking to the current LDCore, but it then threw and error when trying to talk to an OLD LD Core server

      The core in question is our old LD 8.8 core, not our LD 9.0 or the current LD 9.0 SP2 core.


      Has anyone got an idea why it maybe looking at this - there are new agents, or what I should be looking at to see if there is a reference to this very old Core server that is being pushed out to clients ?


      Many thanks