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    Randomizing a Survey

    Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

      Is it possible to send out a Service Desk survey on a random basis?  Say for instance if I wanted a survey every 10 resolutions instead of every ticket, is that possible?




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          There is a product which allows exactly that sort of thing and also has integration with LANDesk. I'd describe it as a professional survey tool.   It has a survey tool design front end, can stop survyes from going to people who have had too many, allows opting out, gathers a given number of results and then stops, allows multiple surveys to run against different criteria, has a full blown survey design tool with skip logic rules, integrated reports and so on.


          Enough from me - Capisce survey tool is the chap concerned, google will find it

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            Alternatively, DBDescription.pdf or PrebuiltContent.pdf (depending on your LDSD version) explains how to change the frequency of the surveys in the section about the Incident with Survey process.