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    Note/Reminder not working ?


      Can a Automatic Reminder be sent to the Incident originator if the Incident has not been assigned to a group and is awaiting a response? 

      The attached screenshot shows where I would like to put the Reminder but I would only like the process to allow this if the Note has been added by and Analyst ie on the Console and not the Portal and for the Incident to still be at Awaiting Response



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          Hi Evie


          Yes this should be possible.  I have the same sort of functionality in a few of my process, though it's the other way round for me, if a note is added by the originator then a reminder goes out to a group.  At this point my process is assigned but I don't see any reason that it should matter as you're sending to the originator.  I've included a screenshot from one of my processes.  As always test anything in a dev enviroment and take a backup before you implement in Live.



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            Hi there

            Thanks for confirming that.   I'll have a go