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    Adding global asset fields to Inventory screen

    jason1akey Rookie

      I need to be able to add several fields to the Inventory screen custom fields.  Examples would include the PO #, Location, Cost, The date it went into service, etc.  Is there a way to add these fields in one shot or do I need to add them to each and every computer individually?


      If not then am I barking up the wrong tree here and is there a better way of doing this that I'm unaware of?


      I should note that I can't use custom data forms to accomplish this since some information would be unknown to every user.

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          jason1akey Rookie

          OK so the issue evolves into strangeness.


          Say I have 2 computers.


          Computer A

          Computer B


          If I enter these fields into the inventory for Computer A (Location, Department, Cost, etc.) then they will eventually show up under the Inventory screen for Computer B but will only do so if Re-enter one of the previously created fields for Computer B like the Location for example.  Then I close the windows and reopen the inventory screen and all the fields I created under Computer A will suddenly be there.


          However if I delete a field under Compute A then it also disapears under all the other computers that picked it up in the first place.  So this is very strange to me.  Some assistance from the LANDesk staff would be appreciated.

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            HI jason1akey,


            Did you ever get a solution to this? I have the same query / question at the moment.



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              MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

              Manually adding data into an inventory record like that has never really been the best way even though the capability exists.


              I've always preferred to add this client-side so that it gets sent up with the inventory each time. I know this is a bit harder than typing into an inventory record but it stops you losing the data if the inventory record ever gets deleted (such as by a manual deletion in the console or as a result of duplicate device or device ID detection rules). Once gone it is gone forever. The other issue is lack of standardisation, manually adding this stuff leads to inconsistencies.


              You could use custom data forms. not a bad way of doing it. You could use something that writes information into the registry of the client. Quite a few people I know wrote little VB or AutoIT scripts that would popup in a form and then write the results. This way it is on the client and also you can do things like enforcing drop-downs or formats.


              Alternatively, and this bit costs, you could look at Data Analytics which apart from a whole bunch of other features also gives web-form capability that allows you to add data to inventory records. While this could also suffer because of the loss of the inventory records, there are some other ways to make this more permanent.


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