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    alert detection frequency

    itskiguy Apprentice


      I'm completely new to LANDesk Management Suite and just installed 9.0 SP2.  I'm doing some testing with a couple of servers to get the alerting the way that I want it, and I'm struggling with the detection frequency.  Is the Polling Interval that can be set on an individual alert the frequency that the Agent checks to see if the criteria for the alert have been reached, or the frequency with which it is reported to the LDMS?  Last night I just wanted to see what it looked like when an  alert was triggered (and I wanted to see if I had the email action set up right) so I set a disk space alert to be critical if 30% was used, set the Polling interval to 1 minute  and deployed the ruleset to a machine that was pretty low on space (5% or so).  About 5 hours later, the alert finally showed up in Real-time inventory and monitoring, but I expected it to trigger immediately.  Is that the expected behavior?  I'd really like to know if there's a problem faster than that.