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    Similar process with own running number




      Can anyone suggest the best and fastest way of achieving own running Ticket number in the process?

      It is exactly the same as the incident process, but customer wanted own sequence to differentiate Standard Incident and Incident that comes with approval.


      Is module cloning the best way or using a custom field with some scripting (trigger)?


      Thanks in advance.

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          I don't think you could have a separate set of numbers within the same module, however if you're running 7.3 or higher you can create a calculation to differentiate the two processes. Using a calculated attribute you could set a prefix for the reference number to identify those that are using an Approval and those that aren't


          This article should give you some idea of what I mean - http://community.landesk.com/support/message/62584#62584


          Hope this helps.




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            aparker Employee



            I would support what Hayden has said. First and foremost, I would strongly discourage you from going down the module cloning path. This is really something that should only be done in conjunction with a LANDesk consultant.


            I have a couple of questions here. First, what is driving the need to have this identification and second, when you talk about an Incident that comes with approval, are you actually talking about a request?