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    Provisioning PXE Boot stops at Password Prompt

    tdavenport Specialist

      Looking to PXE Boot machines for provisioning. When I select the Provisioning menu from the F8 prompt, the WinPE image is copied and launches successfully. It then prompts me for credentials to login and view the provisioning tasks. The message is:


      "No Provisioning Task is currently defined for this computer. To schedule a provisioning task, use your LANDesk credentials to authenticate to the core server. A user can get and schedule a provisioning task only when the user has Deploy rights"


      I can enter my credentials and view the provisioning tasks. My question, however, is HOW do I simply view the provisioning tasks without logging in. I can not place a provisioning task in the PXE Menu and I don't want my techs to have to log in when they go to provision a machine. I can see where this wouldn't be an issue for machines that are already in LANDeks but for bare metal builds what is the best way of presenting the provisioning tasks within the PXE boot process without entering credentials?