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    LD9.0SP2 - Random Delay/Errors problem with custom scripts




      I have to migrate computers from XP to Win7 and sometime when I start the custom script, the delay between 2 REMEXEC is very very slow (manually REMEXEC it's fast if I try to download tha file using URL).

      On Logs1.log you can see the delay between REMEXEC is arround 5:50Min .... I don't understand why, it's not often but sometime and random machine in the park.


      On Logs2.log you can see I have the error "229392437" and -2147483646" and I don't know why I change nothing and sometime I got this error and sometimes not ..


      If you have any idea plz tell me


      Landesk : V 9.0 SP2 with lastest december patchs