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    Removing/Adding new field




      We are running ServiceDesk 7.4 and want to remove a mandatory text field from our change window and replace with a mandatory date/time field.


      The text field is used for recording the estimated duration a change will take. However, using the date/time field allows for better queries against changes.


      My issue is that removing or hiding the duration text field could cause issues for the current change process and existing changes that are open


      Can anyone confirm if the following would be best practice?


      1. Make a copy of the current change window and carry out modifications to the new window

      2. Make a copy of the current change process, rename it to v1.1 for example and set this process to use the new window

      3. Update all the required templates to call change process v1.1


      I am hoping using the above approach, any existing changes that are open and have all mandatory fields completed but new changes will require users to complete the new date/time field



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          karenpeacock SupportEmployee



          That sounds like a good approach to me.  I would add that you may need to ensure whether you have any queries or reports which are specifically selecting the previous lifecycle and amend them to look for both.  You may also need to adjust your window rules to ensure your newly copied window gets shown to the right users.


          I'd test this out fully on a Development copy of the database.


          Best wishes