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    Creating a second instance LANDesk instance

    colinheinen Apprentice

      Hi All,


      I've been asked by another department to setup a simple complaint logging system - our idea was to use LANDesk.

      How do you go about creating a second instance thats seperate from ours? e.g. new incident numbers/console etc.


      Essentially i'm going to create them a fairly simple process and window design using the incident management and set them up to use Web Desk as their front end.


      Any advice is much appreciated!




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          aparker Employee

          Hi Colin,


          Well first and foremost, if you were wanting to set up a new instance, that would have an implecation on yoiur license as the LD license only caters for one live installation of service desk. The good news is that there is a viable solution for you. What I would suggest you do is look to use the Call domain. This already has some simple incident style processes built and, as it is a separate domain, will have a unique numbering system. It also means that yuo can deploy this with it's own security model etc, so access from other teams would be restricted. There would be a number of additional things that you might need to consider, but in principle this is your best approach.



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            and if you use partitioning you can ensure data in the call area cannot be seen by people in your existing system

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              colinheinen Apprentice

              Thanks Andy/Dave,


              Both very useful; I certainly didn't mean setting up a second instalaltion of LANDesk.

              I've had a quick look at the Call section and this should work perfectly.


              Will report back later in the week once i've had a better look through it.


              Thanks Again,