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    Waiting for IP Address......................


      Hi All,


      When I have booted the HP elitebook 2560P laptop using network boot pressing F12 and the machine has got the IP address from DHCP and it was prompting press F8 to get the WinPE menu, from there I have selcted the WinPE Provisioning. its booted using the boot.wim and successfully loaded the NIC Vista 32-bit drivers whatever I have injected into boot.wim. but after that its giving error "Waiting for IP adress..........." after this it is not resloving the core server. If I am not wrong, once the core server name has resolved then only it will prompt the console to give domain name, user name and Password console. after that only we can able to select appropriate provisioning template


      Simply it is giving the "Waiting for IP address................" thats all. why I am getting like this error? to reslove this issue what should I do? could anyone please help me to reslove this issue


      For your reference I have attached the error screen shot also.