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    Today + 7days in BOO


      My HR department (first live) is currently developing a new work process and would like to bend LANDesk to assist. I will be adding a new 'strand' to their existing process that will be called upon by way of manual action, but one of the things they are requiring is that when the process is sent down this strand, a reminder is set for 7days time so that they can chase. At the time of sending the call down this strand they will send a user an email including advice on how to deal with a particular HR issue, and if they do not hear back from said user (if they do they simply close the call) LANDesk reminds them in 7 days. I can think of two possible ways of doing this but I just need a little help acieving this:


      My preferred option is to set an automatic action of Add Reminder (filling in all the Action Instance Data so as to send the email) from the Manual action that fires off this particular strand with a calculation on the send date of now + 7days. But I cant work out the BOO to do it. Any help appreciated.


      The other option is to use a precondition maybe (with the same calculation) that adds the reminder at the point the reminder needs to be sent out and set the send date to now (this does seem a bit long winded and unnecessary.


      Any help greatly appreciated