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    Does a dashboard refresh 'count' on timeout inactivity

    dmshimself ITSMMVPGroup

      Here is a question from anonymous of Tasmania (!). In 7.5 if your analysts have a dashboard which they create that has an auto refresh every 15 mins and your timeout is set to be 20 mins, does the dashboard refresh 'count' in the timeout?  If it does, then it gives people a way of avoiding being timed out.  If it doesn't count, what actually does count (typing chars, using an action...)

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          Stu McNeill Employee

          Hi Dave,


          You're correct, a refreshing query does count as activity.  You can confirm this by running a query on the User Sessions and check the Last Active column.


          At the moment there is no simple answer to having both refreshing data AND honouring the timeout mechanism because the User Session is managed at quite a low level and the Last Active is kept up to date automatically when any communication is made with the server (allowing for a couple of minutes of not getting updated).


          I can imagine an ER to add some intelligence so the server knows if a query is being manually requested or requested automatically and update the User Session accordingly, I'll let you decide how you think that should work in practice and log it!

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            Thanks Stu + Dave.


            So if you wish to have concurrent licenses work effectively with timeouts, it will be best to turn off refreshing of queries on dashboards then..

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              Stu McNeill Employee

              Hi Paul, exactly right.


              I think I'll do a quick article to make that obvious as it will probably be the main reason it wouldn't work as expected for most people...

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                karenpeacock SupportEmployee

                Just to add to the point about typing characters.  As a general rule typing characters in a multiline text field will not 'count' as activity.  Although perhaps not if you have automatic knowledge searching on console windows that isn't set to "on lose focus", although this isn't recommended for multiline text fields anyway as you will get multiple searches starting as you type the characters that invoke the search, and this will slow your typing down.  This automatic searching communicates directly to the Lucene index share but also I believe to the database in order to check what access the user has to view the articles (knowledge domains).


                As Stu said, activity is only when the client communicates with the server.  Clicking to expand a drop-down list would for example count as session activity but typing into multiline text boxes wouldn't (as I found myself when we upgraded our own live server to 7.5 beta concurrent use and I took ages writing up a problem record!)  If you do timeout when in console you will get a message displayed asking if you want to retain your session.  If you let this message timeout (30 seconds to respond) you are then asked if you would like to try to reconnect.  If you click yes and you get a licence then the text you've typed will remain.  If you click yes and a licence isn't free then you can keep trying to reconnect until one is free.  If a licence doesn't ever get freed up then you may have to close console and lose the text that you were typing when you timed out.


                Best wishes


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                  Thanks Karen.  Does WebDesk have the same behaviour as console in relation to what you have mentioned?

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                    karenpeacock SupportEmployee



                    Web Access has hardly changed in terms of activity timeouts in 7.5 but the session timeout setting is now stored in Settings - System within console.  Here's a little note of caution about this that's extracted from LANDesk Service Desk Suite 7.5 New Features from the section "Licenses, user sessions, and locks":


                    "CAUTION: Inactive user sessions are also removed by IIS if the IIS user session timeout is exceeded. Therefore, set the value for the IIS user session timeout to match the user session timeout that you set in the License Session Timeout value"


                    As in 7.4, if you timeout in Web Access you will be returned to the login screen.  The only difference in 7.5 is that if you are returned to the login screen and you are a concurrent user you may not be able to get a free licence to get you back into your record again.  I believe that typing in a multi-line doesn't count as activity in Web Access either and this is the same as in 7,4.


                    Best wishes