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    No jobs in Software Deployment Portal

    jwood8 Apprentice

      Hi all,


      We're currently building up to a big software deployment, and the plan is to use the SDP for the first time and allow users to install the packages in their own time.


      This has been setup and seems to work OK, we have a pilot group with 30 or so users in and the tasks have been allocated to them.


      Most of these work fine, but for some users there is just nothing shown in SDP on the client, even after several reboots and over 48hrs.


      Does anyone know the best way to kick these off, is there some cache on the client which I can clear off or something like that to force it to sync? With it working on most of them I believe the method is correct, it must be something about these particular clients.


      All the machines have the latest agent settings which were deployed before the packages were made available, this update shows as Done in Scheduled Tasks and Policies for the stations. However, the policies which aren't appearing show as Status 'Waiting' and Result 'Not Specified'.


      Any advice would be gratefully received! If we roll this out globally I'll need a method of dealing with any failures and at the moment my only answer is reboot and cross your fingers!