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    Error 8db50658H while provisioning process


      Hello everone,


      I'm glad to tell that our provisioning and pxe environment is going to be perfected every minute

      But for now, there's a new problem and I don't know why.


      Here are some background facts:

      I deploy Win7 OS with pxe boot. Everything works fine

      After the deployment I want to make some settings and distribute software with provisioning agent.

      I created a provisioning template and scheduled it. After starting, the provisioning agent starts on target machine and does things like joining the domain, installing java, flash player and so on. I also want to install the Adobe Reader Version 'X'. Weeks before, I created a custom installation file with the 'Adobe customation wizard'. Everything works fine when starting the distribution task manually. But when the distribution package is part of the provisioning template, the task fails. The error code I get is '8db50658H'. I don't know where to search for the problem, because the installation successes when starting it as a single task.

      The problem only occurs when trying to install it within the provisioning template. Any suggestions?


      In provisioning history it displays a internal state '-1917516200'. Also don't know what it means.


      I'm looking forward to your answers! Thanks in advance!