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    Integrated logon not working on Windows 2008/IIS 7.0


      I have setup a new Windows 2008 / IIS 7.0 box to run as an additional web server for users to connect to Console/WebDesk


      Pre-installation (IIS roles/features) and installation of LANDesk (7.4) Web Server all went ok


      Explicit logon for both Console and WebDesk is working ok


      However, I cannot seem to get Integrated logon to work for either Console or WebDesk


      The basic settings of the integrated application is to connect as "Application user (pass-through authentication)"


      Authentication is setup as follows:


      Anonymous = Disabled

      ASP.NET = Enabled

      Basic = Disabled

      Digest = Disabled

      Forms = Enabled

      Windows = Enabled


      The w3wp.exe process workers are running under NETWORK SERVICE account


      When I try connecting to WebDesk as integrated logon it just states "Integrated logon failed"


      When I try connecting to Console it cant display the HTTP response as its expecting XML


      Is there anything else I can try?