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    Restart Provisioning at Step


      I'm almost embarrased to ask because I should know this, but......


      Is there a way to restart an OS provisioning process at a particular step (or action)? Specifically at a failed action but it could be anywhere. I can reschedule a provisioning scheduled task but this doesn't do anything unless I reboot the target device and then it just restarts from the beginning. Probably a 101 question, but I had to ask.


      Thank you!

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          Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

          If the Provisioning task is still active, it will pick up where it left if you dont specify it should stop at a failed action. Other than that, there is no way to force it to restart at a certain action.



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            I was afraid of something like that. If I leave the Stop at failure checkbox unchecked, I may continue onto another dependent action. I don' want to do that. The only time I uncheck that is if its not critical or when an error is acceptable.


            My problem was with post-imaging actions failing. I wanted to update the failing action, at start at that point. Now that I think about it, it still wouldn't be possible because the template being used is locked. I guess what I'd need would be some way of injecting a new replacement process at the point of failure. Oh well.


            Thank you for the reply!

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              dwagner1 Apprentice

              I was having a similar problem where some of the tasks would not complete consistently so this is what I did...


              In the Post-OS-Installation I added the Inject Provisioning Agent  task, then in the System configuration I added my steps that consistently would not complete successfully.


              I then rebooted the machine into the LANDesk boot disk and then selected this new template...Since we've upgraded to SP3 I've seen definate improvement on the OSD consistency!!


              Hope that helps!



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                this happens to us sometimes.  Like you I don't want to continue with provisioning once something has failed so here is what I do.


                I'll clone the template that failed and then eliminate everything right up to the failure.  Essentially it leaves me with a -CLEANUP template that I will rerun until it completes, or else modify until it completes.


                For tasks that fail while in WinPE, it is easy to add the affected machines to the PXE holding queue, assign them to the -CLEANUP template, and reboot them to PXE.  The machines will auto start the cleanup task once the get into WinPE.


                For tasks that fail in the OS after deployment you can just continue ahead provided that you got your agent installed.  When you don't get an agent you have to add a step in the WINPE part of the template for CTOS and do the same thing described above.  They'll get into WinPE long enough to inject a temporary agent that will allow your provisioning to continue once the machine reboots into the OS.


                I hope this helps.

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                  Lee Richards Rookie

                  We get this intermittently also.


                  One workaround I found was quickly taking a copy of the ldprovision directory (on a normal build). Then when a device sticks in provisioning in Windows you can copy the ldprovision directory back down to c:, run a cmd window as admin and run the below lines:


                  net stop cba8

                  %systemdrive%\ldprovisioning\prov_user.exe -c PW0196

                  net start cba8


                  That kicks it back into gear but not ideal. I would like more understanding of why it is failing.