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    Provisioning Delayed; problems with different client IPs




      I am trying to provision several Win7 netbook computers with LDMS 9.0SP2+++ and I am unable to get the tasks to kick off.


      I think out of about 10 units I had 2 of them actually take with the balance doing nothing.  After pulling one of them and testing it extensively I have determined that a client IP conflict exists as follows:


      The Client reports IP of

      The Console on my laptop reports that same IP address

      The Console on the core reports that same IP address

      However when I check the prov_schedule.exe.log on the core it shows the following:

      IP:, RemoteExec failed creating directory:  rv 2147485451 from [cmd][/C mkdir c:\ldprovisioning]


      so the 201 subnet is for our wireless network and the 4 is the ethernet.  I have the device only on the wired side right now and have updated the inventory several times but somehow the core can't figure out which IP address to use.


      anythoughts on how to resolve this?  I'm pretty much sick of these kinds of problems, as I am waiting for the task to kick off.


      Again, the console shows the correct IP address via the console on the core and my remote console..


      many thanks

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          So a quick update this AM:


          this does seem to be a DNS problem, but I'm not sure why.  In any event I did check to see if there was a DHCP lease for the incorrect IP address that the core was resolving: there was no active lease.  I then checked the DNS entries and found an entry for that IP with the correct host name.  I deleted the entry in DNS and clearned the ARP table on the landesk core.   When I got back to the core and tried to resolve to the correct IP address I found the following hostname:





          I'm not sure where this hostname is coming from because it doesn't appear on the actual machine.  The machine has a legit hostname that matches our naming convention.

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            EMiranda Expert



            We are having similar issues, I actually just came here to post this same issue and see you have beat me to it.


            Our problem is exactly the same.


            The Client and the Consoles all have the same IP address, but the prov_schedule.exe.log is showing a completly different IP address, thus making LANDesk report that the machine is OFF.


            We have been provisioning for a long time and this has recently started happening.  I am just curious.  What / Where is the IP address coming from in Provisioning?  It is not reading it from the LANDesk database.

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              Yeah, and you might also see this problem manifest itself when you try to remote control a machine:  you get a  message stating that the IP address does not match the machine name and you get the option to connect anyway or cancel.


              What we are seeing is that DHCP is assigning IP addresses correctly, however the DNS servers are not updating the DNS entries to reflect the current IP address of the client.  If we delete the out of date DNS entries and wait long enough, the Landesk Core resolves the hostname to the correct IP address and everything works fine.


              We had DHCP configured to leave DNS updating up to the clients...our clients never seemed to update DNS, though.  So now we have the DHCP server setup to update DNS records itself.  I need to test this further but I think that things are going to work out now.  I also know, but don't understand, that making this change also allows for us to enable DNS security so that we can't have anyone come in and wreck or DNS records to create problems like this.


              Anyway, go compare your DNS and DHCP records and see if they match.  You may have multiple DNS entries for any given client and when you try to manage the machine the Landesk core gets a random DNS lookup which may or may not be correct.


              anyway, good luck and let us know how things go.

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                zman Master

                Are you seeing this only in Windows 7/2008? If so check this out http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2520155

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                  EMiranda Expert

                  unfortunately I have seen this pop up on both XP and Win7 clients.  I am still investigating this issue...will report back when I found something out.  I wish I could easily duplicate it but that seems to be my problem at the moment.  It is really random.  It just seems to happen randomly  and I can never force it to happen, which is making it harder to troubleshoot.

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                    yeah, no.  The scenario in the microsoft article doesn't describe us.  We are mainly using Win7, however we don't configure the clients manually and we never ask them to do anything with DNS.  Our symptoms are simply that there are either OLD DNS entries on the DNS servers OR there are TWO DNS records and the landesk core may end up using the OLD DNS record instead of the new one.

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                      don't worry about reproducing the problem because I don't believe that you can...instead make note of a hostname whenever you experience this problem and then immediately check your DHCP and DNS records for both the hostname and the IP address that it is using.


                      In our case it is very easy to see what the problem is once we have a machine that is acting up.  Having this information is enough for us to start making changes; we don't really need to reproduce the problem.



                      -good luck

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                        Post SP3 now I cannot push a provisioning task for this very reason..  any resolution on this?

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                          so an update to the original post...


                          After clearing up some of the issues with DHCP and DNS entries I am having fewer, or maybe no problems with task initiation.  I know that the underlying problem is not totally gone yet because whenever I run REMOTE CONTROL sessions I still get warnings from the console that I have mismatched IP addresses between DNS and the console's own inventory component.


                          anyway, I hope these will start to go away s the DNS and DHCP records are sync'd.



                          -most of these problems seem to have gone away now that we changed the way DNS records are updated. I am going to mark this as ANSWERED



                          to the last poster...


                          ...I'm staying away from SP3 precisely because I fear having 'new' problems.  I got burned on SP2 and lost about 6 weeks of useability because of problems with SP2.  I can't help address any SP3-related issues but I would suggest the test that I previously outlined whereby you check your IP addresses to see if the entries in the console match what your core can resolve.


                          Check your local ARP tables on the core and the DNS and DHCP entries on their respective servers.


                          good luck