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    System configuration not running automatically




      We are currently experiencing probles getting LANDesk Provisioning Agent to startup automatically after sysprepping the machine with windows 7.


      We have two images that we use in the school. One is for the desktop pcs and this entire imaging template runs perfectly. However when we try to run the provisioning on our netbook image it gets to the stage where we expect it to start the provisioning agent again and run the Sytem Configuration steps but it dosnt.


      I have tried opening the unattend file and running the "%systemdrive%\ldprovisionig\ldprovisioning.cmd" command that is added by LANDesk to the unattend file which will only work on the machine if the command is changed to "%systemdrive%\ldprovisionig\ldprovisioning.cmd". it will then complete the provisioning templates without an issue.


      We are currently running LANDesk 9 SP3 but have also had the issue with SP2. Also i am not sure where i would be able to find error logs for this as it does seam to be a windows problem rather than a Landesk issue.


      Any help would be great as i really dont want to go round to all 500 netbooks and start the process manually.