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    LDMS SP3 Upgrade and can no longer alter the NTSTACFG


      I recently implemented the Landesk Management Gateway.  Everything was configure and working.  I automated the cert process using the outlined process from the landing page and it worked very well.  I then created a package to copy the *.lng file locally and run the brokerconfig.exe -r to automate the retrieval of the Cert.  Then I upgrade LDMS to SP3.  After the upgrade I attempted to alter the agent to include the *.lng file again but I can no longer get it to include the file with the agent.  I make the change the ntstacfg file and can see the alteration was saved but after I restart the inventory service the line is removed from the ntstacfg file and the agent is never altered.  I even rebuilt the agent just to see if it was included and it is not.  Has anyone else seen this issue? I understand that the SP3 automated the process for the client to determine if it is in direct connection or gateway but I have yet to find any information on the process.