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    Query for different versions of Internet Explorer


      I've read the past threads on this, what few there were, but was unable to locate an answer that worked.


      When I attempt to query for IE versions, Utilizing the Custom Data, or the Product/Name functions, I get a jumbled response.  It brings back pretty much everything in the computer software inventory.


      I need to be able to differiniate between IE 7 and IE 8 but can not get it to run correctly and bring back what i am asking it for.  I can get it to bring back 8 only. but not 7 and 8 nor, more perfably, everything but 8.


      After establishing the quert to bring back the above, I would tack on it further statements that will bring it back for a particular subnet as well.  I've managed to do this for other programs, such as Lotus and Adobe, but IE isnt' performing the same... I must assume this is because it's imbedded into the OS correct?


      Thanks for any help you can provide scripting the correct logic for this function.