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    Switching an agent to gateway mode w/o admin rights




      I have LANDesk (8.8) configued so that the windows agents automatically connect into diect mode, which works best for our company. However, I do get a few instances where a user will be off site and need help. I have a LANDesk management gateway ( setup and functioning without any problems, but the user can't connect to it in Direct mode. My question is how is the user able to switch to gateway mode through the command line? I have looked up ways to do this, and found 2 but they are unable to work. It can't be done through through the gui because we supress the system tray icon (unless there is another way to launch the gui to switch modes that I am unaware of), and I've seen examples of being able to stop the LANDesk Remote Control Service, but users don't have admin on their machines rights so they aren't able to restart issuser.exe or the remote control service. Currently I can stop the remote control service and then run:




      "C:\Program Files\LANDesk\LDClient\issuser.exe" /b /lgateway.domain.com /gRemoteControl /videntifier1="%username%" /videntifier2="%username%@domain.com"




      and it works good.




      Is there a way to just switch the modes through the command line without having to kill a process or service first? Any help would be very appreciated.