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    User is not authorised to perform Create operations on the Knowledge.ArticleAttachment class type

    Stephen_Justice Rookie



      I've been working on setting up the Knowledge Database for our system and have come across a problem.


      I'm trying to set up our Analysts to have access to create and submit articles, they just can't approve or reject them.


      The permission set I've given their role is this:

      Knowledge Article permissions.bmp


      As you can see Analysts are meant to have almost control over an article. However when they try to run any action in an Article, from submitting to adding attachments or keyworks, then it pops up with the same error message saying that they are not authorised to do so. All they can do is create the article in the first place and fill in the attributes on the window I've created.


      Is there any other permissions I'm missing that I'm meant to give them?