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    Sorting Grouped queries in WebAccess

    Adam Wilden Expert



      Our SD want to sort their FAQs by effectiveness so that the highest are at the top.  Unfortunately they are also grouped bu Category.


      I can't find any way of doing thsi in WebAccess.


      I can do this in Console, and then use the query in WebAccess, but this then won't allow me to apply the report Template!


      Anyone got any ideas?


      I thought about manipulating teh URl string but the query needs to sit insde a dashboard...


      Cheers - Adam.

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          Hi Adam,


          When you're building the dashboard (in Design Mode) can't you simply click the Effectiveness column in your query to reorder? This should still maintain the grouping but reorder within the groups by effectiveness. Then switch to Personalise mdoe and the changes should be retained.


          Or as a final alternative, create the query and dashboard in Console and publish the finished product to SA. Log in to WebAccess as SA and do the final edits on the Dashboard (report template etc) while in Design mode then set your links etc as needed.


          Hope this helps.




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            Adam Wilden Expert

            Hi Hadyn,


            In WebAccess, if you choose to Group by an attribute it seems to remove the Sort order.


            As stated I'd tried creating the query via Console but couldn't apply a report to it.


            Your advice that this should be possible made me look again and you are right.


            This is a salutary reminder of the inherent dagers of playing with the javascript!  I'd forgotten on Live that we had removed various options from the drop down arrow


            Works fine OOTB.


            So advice to anyone wishing to have a query in Webdesk that is both Sorted and Grouped is simply to create it in Console first.


            Cheers - Adam.