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    Antivirus service is STOPPED


      We are a new LANDesk client, have spent time going through the various landing pages and training materials and have begun to deploy agents on test desktops.    I am running into a problem I can't seem to find an answer.


      We are using the LANDesk Security Suite and deploying LANDesk Antivirus.  I am having two problems; the first involves successfully deployed antivirus on XP desktops.


      The deployment seems to be executing properly as the programs are installed on the XP clients.   In the system try I have two icons:   the End Point Security shield and the LANDesk antivirus shield.


      The problem is that after a reboot the icon shows active, then after a short time the icon shows a red slash.  When I open antivirus I have a warning that Antivirus service is STOPPED.   If I click "enable" nothing happens.


      We have E-Mail scanning disabled.


      However, I can "scan my computer for viruses.  The window shows that I had a last full scan yesterday (per my schedule) using the engine


      If I try to manually update my definitions, it first tells me that the services are not running but I can continue anyway.   When I do it appears the update is happening but Core Server:  is left blank.  And the window never closes.


      We used to run AVG on the computers but that has been uninstalled of all files. 


      this is occurring on all workstations, so I am assuming my antivirus set up is incorrect.


      Appreciate any help in guiding me in the right direction to resolve.