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    Error Scans




      we got a lot of error scans since Service Pack 3. The problem or event entry is:


      Datenbankausnahme: SCA1B03.SCN, LDInv.dll
      Unspecified error
      Computer.Software.Application Suites.Application Suite.Version is an unmodeled one-to-many relationship.  This is not supported., Thread ID: 4616.


      When I go to the error scan folder and open a scn file and delete all rows with Application Suites then the scan will go inside.

      I tested a file with only 3 Rows Application Suites. One was the Version. I checked the version it was 8.0.50727.42.

      I checked the database and found an entry with this version. This means for me that the database field could not be too small.


      If I count all records in the error folder for a day, I get 300 files. We have 1200 nodes.


      Anybody an idea?



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          Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

          This table was changed in LD9 to Add Remove Programs. The Metadata doesnt translate this good in your case for older clients. Run Coredbutil with the buildcomponents option and it should work fine again.




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            I started coredbutil and buildcomponents. After that I restarted the Inventory service. The error is still the same.

            I tested it with an Landesk client This should be a client with 9.0 SP3.


            I get the same error when trying to make an inventory scan.