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    Actions with Windows


      I am working in process designer (I attended the course about 2 years ago) and really cant remember that much!


      We have version 7.2.6 of LanDesk, and I am creating a change process. I want to associate an action with a window. I go to Process Designer\Busienss Objects and select new the new action window pops up. I have entered a title and description, and allow association with Window I have left as false. I have created an associated window, but I can't seem to be able to link the action with the window. Any help please........



      Also within business opbctions Change\Action I have lots of actions with it looks like a no entry sign on it, what does this mean?


      Our process was desgined by a consultant so Its only now when I need to change a few things that I am having problems, We do have actions that are associated with Windows but I can't remember what we did to do this 2 years ago.



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          karenpeacock SupportEmployee



          I feel your pain!  Having been on maternity leave in the past myself and then coming back again to find that I've left my memory behind...


          What is the action going to do other than bring up a window?  In other words, do you want the information typed into the window to store on the Change record itself or do you want the information to store on a collection of records associated with Change (so you can run the action multiple times like Add Note)?


          If you want the action to bring up a new window then store the information typed on the Change record you might want to follow this example on your test system first to see how it's done:

          (see the section called "Using an automatic update action")



          If you want the action to bring up a window and then store on an associated record to change them then here is an example of how to do this: 

          (step 6 is where you define an action actually on the relationship - in your case this would be on Change)




          The no entry sign next to an action means that it has been used on a process.


          Best wishes


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            Thanks for your repsonse. I have reviewed the note you enclosed but I can't get it to work in my test environment, I expect it is just me but I was wondering if I can give you more information, Firstly we are using Version 7.2.6.


            The Change Process is in place. - It was created by an avocent consultant some time ago. Our exisiting process works, however once you get to live implementation, and this action gets completed, the User gets an option to say if its Passed, or Failed testing. If they select Pass the Pass window is displayed (this Pass Window is used in several places throughout the process so I can't just modify the existing window) So I have created a new action


            Designers\Process Designer\Business Objects\Change new actions created call Post Implementation Pass


            I have then gone to window manager and created a Window called Post Implementation Pass.


            I have deactived my process and then add the Post Implementation Pass at the relevant place, but it doesn't bring up the Post Implemetnation Pass Window. So I am obviously missing a step but can't see what.





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              karenpeacock SupportEmployee

              Hi Emma


              It sounds like you have created an action and then you have created a window but there is no relationship between the two.  We need to understand more about where you want to store the information that is typed into the new Pass window, and about your process design, so I would recommend that you log a support case to discuss this further.


              Best wishes


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                wamccoid Specialist

                Here is what you need to do to create New Manual Actions that use Windows


                1. Create the new Window
                2. Add the New Manual Action in your process and name it.  Make sure you set " Allow Association with Window" to True
                3. Go to Window Manager, and expand Views
                4. select the view you want to apply your action to your window for.  For Example I have a View Called "End User" select your view
                5. Now, select the module (ex. Incident Management.Incident)
                6. Now add a window rule
                7. Select the Process that your manual action that requires a window is in
                8. Select the action (the manual one  you created)
                9. Set the Object state if it applies
                10. Last, select your Window to be displayed in the Console and Web Desk if it applies.  make sure that you set your window when you created it to web as well.


                Now, when logged in as a user that has that view, and the click on that manual action, they should get the window you selected.   Hope this helps.


                Here is a screenshot of one I did.  I created an action called "View Printer Details", then I created a window called "Select Printer"  I did this so that our analyts could select certain printers when logging incidents relating to them.  Here is what my rule looks like: