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    Inbound E-Mail keyword search rules


      Is there a function / ability in Service Desk that can scan incoming emails for specific keywords and automatically redirect them?



      Example: any emails from "Partners@company.com" get automatically forwarded to a specific category and support team


      (Attached is a screen shot from another helpdesk system we were using that has this function)

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          It doesn't have that specific functionality built in as standard, but by and large you could achieve much the same result by adding some conditions into the process workflow.  So when the email is logged, in the process you write a condition to see if the email address it came from is one of those that need special handling.  Then you can assign and set the category (with a windowless action).


          If the emails are being sent or could be sent to a specific email address, then you could simply make sure that all 'parners' use that email address and the template or process you hook up to that can take care of things.