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    Email Notifications


      I am migrating our old Service Desk over to a new system and I have everything working the way I want now just trying to fine tune and get the notifications working the way I need them.  I have inbound email and so forth, what I am trying to is get a brand new inbound email log a incident and send that first email back saying you have just logged a incident but how can I manipulate the Subject being sent back to include required information like update: ID so that a reply does not create another incident which is what is going to happen often because everyone likes to say thankyou.


      I am sure this is not two difficult,

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          Hi Shaun,


          There could be a couple of places. If your email action settings are configured to send a reply on creation then you need to modify the "Successful Creation" notification in your action settings. If these are not enabled, then your initial response notification is likely to be an automatic Assignment or Reminder action in your process.


          If this is the case you can edit the contents of the notification by amending the Title and Description values for the aciton in your process. I hope this helps.