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    Custom Inventory - Scanning a registry key


      I am trying to scan fora  certain registry key to give some information on our AutoCAD clients.  I have added the key data to the Ldappl3.template file and made the changes available to the clients.  The ldappl3.ini file on my test computer has the information that I entered into the template file.  This is the entry that I have added to the template file:


      ;AutoDesk Information
      KEY=HKLM,Software\Autodesk\AutoCAD\R18.1\ACAD-9005:409,StandaloneNetworkType,Custom Data - Autodesk - StandaloneNetworkType


      It looks like everything should be right when comparing this to other entries that I have.  My only question is if there is a problem with special characters like a Colon or a dash like is in ACAD-9005:409.  If so is there a way around these special characters?