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    New object attributes, persistence type and read-only



      I'm having a similar problem to this...




      in that I've created several new objects using the 'Create New Object Wizard' and have added the 'Create Date' and 'Create User' attributes.

      These attributes have the correct persistence type but, when adding them to a window, they have a null protection type and are therefore editable when I want them to be read-only.

      Does this suggest that I simply need to make them read-only on the window OR should I follow the guidelines in the above document?


      Many thanks,


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          karenpeacock SupportEmployee

          Hi Kieron


          You could just make them read only on the window.  However you then run the risk that if you, or anyone else, creates another window with these attributes on or removes them from this window then adds them back on again, that they will be incorrectly showing as editable again.


          I would suggest that at some convenient point you run through the steps in the article to ensure this can never happen.  However if you want to just get this one window working for now then yes you should be able to set them as read only at the window level.


          Best wishes