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    Service Request not following worflow


      I creates a new service request by copying a process we were already using and creating a new window for it. I set everything up like i have the other request but for some reason when i enter the request it is not picking up the Request type and does not follow the proper workflow or even assign to the correct provisioning group. Any idea's?

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          karenpeacock SupportEmployee



          Copying a process should work ok.  I wondered whether perhaps the original process had a template applied to it which set some values to send it down the right workflow?  My only other idea is that you have window copy rules which are set on particular windows and which are published by a view rule which explicitly states the window should show for a particular process?


          It might well be something simpler than this though but there's many things which could govern this.  If the reason isn't clear, then I would suggest this is one to log with your support provider as they can compare the two processes to figure out what is going wrong.


          Best wishes