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    Passwording PXE After Modying DHCP Server Scope



      We followed step 4 from the following documentation: http://www.droppedpackets.org/Members/jjpk01/pxe-rep-modifications/use-the-landesk-pxe-service-on-a-single-machine-with-dhcp-scope-options



      On our DHCP servers, we implement:



      Option 66        PXE Rep IP Address

      Option 67        x86pc\undi\wpemenu\startrom.0



      This allowed us to PXE boot computers on multiple subnets while managing a smaller amount of PXE Reps.  After we did this, booting to PXE would skip the boot menu, and load directly to WinPE, which is ok for our environment since we will mainly use WinPE.  We would also like to password PXE so as to avoid users booting into WinPE (orany other PE if they were enabled).  I tried doing this using the "Build secure PXE Rep deployment scripts" button in LANDesk's OS Deployment window, and deploying the PXE Rep, but booting to PXE does not prompt for a password.  This makes sense since we are bypassing the boot menu now by specifying the "wpemenu\startrom.0" file on our DHCP Servers.  Can we effectively password PXE booting by specifying the PXE boot menu file instead of "wpemenu\startrom.0"?  What file would that be?  I would expierment on my own, but I don't have access to the DHCP servers myself, so I have to comminucate the instructions to another person.