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    Deploy 7.5 console on 7.4 LDSD environnement




      We migrate a customer environnement (about 60 analyst machines) from 7.4 to 7.5

      We need to deploy 7.5 console using SCSM from microsoft on analyst machines that using 7.4 console


      Should we uninstall first the 7.4 console ( how could do it)?

      or it is recommended to install 7.5 and overwrite it ( if possible)


      What is the recommanded solution for doing this


      Thank you very much

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          dmshimself ITSMMVPGroup

          The team from LANDesk may disagree with this (!), but we always recommend not only uninstalling the older version, but also removing the directory and it's contents.  This just ensures you don't have old patch, readme type files lying around.  To uninstall using SCCM, you'd need to ask your own SCCM team on how they do packaging.


          As a general thought, in your situation, I'd recommend your client looks at using webdesk .  They can get access to it rapidly, it's almost certainly going to be faster than console and gives them an ability to have a phased deployedent of the new console, rather than a big bang approach.