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    UEFI Support


      I'm just wondering if anyone has tried to enable UEFI with LANDesk provisioning, and how it worked for them.  I'm looking at moving our systems to use UEFI instead of the emulated BIOS, but wasn't sure if it was possible.  I read that it will speed up boot times by a sizeable chunk.

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          Hi Dan,


          I'm assuming you mean the PXE/WinPE portions of Provisioning.  Within the Windows environment we don't know or really care how we got there, we should be able to run.  For the PXE/WinPE portions see below.


          As of now there is no UEFI support.  If you need to start using UEFI please log an issue with support so we can make sure it is tracked and we can use that to increase the urgency of getting UEFI supported.


          The biggest technical limitation at this point is probably that 32 bit Windows systems don't recognize UEFI.  This appears to be a design decision by Microsoft to force a 64-bit migration.  Personally I don't think it's really a bad move.  It does, however, leave our use of 32-bit WinPE in a bit of a problem state.  In order to support UEFI we need to have a 64-bit WinPE image that we can utilize.  At this point that is not the case.  BIOS (or emulated BIOS on most new machines) is the only supported LANDesk Provisioning method as of this posting.

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            While there isn't a need per say, I know the issue is going to be pushed.  Someone got word that boot time could be reduced by switching to UEFI, and now everyone wants to start using it.  I know it's just a matter of time before it's common stuff, so maybe we'll just have to wait a bit.

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              UEFI is now supported in 9.5.