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    Can we find all the machines in AD group in  inventory table


      I am trying to find out if we can get the info about all the machines in a particular AD group from some table in the LANDesk inventory databse.

      Here is what i am trying to do:

      -- I have assigned a software to be distributed to an AD group through an LDAP query.

      -- I want to see if i can see the status of software deployment to all the machines in the AD group and for that i want to know what all machines are part of that AD group but with the help of database query.

      -- I have seen almost all the Information in LDAPMachineGroups Table. I want to know if i now add new devices to a particular group will that information get updated in LDAPMachineGroups or any other and how much time it will take because i want it to be fast, if it will not get updated then how can force it to get updated so that i can schedule it to do so frequently


      So the whole point to focus on is that whether newly added machines to an AD group can be reflected in Inventory database so can they can also be the part of SQL query to see the status of software deployment and do send your reply at [email protected] also.


      Thanks in advance,