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    Windows XP Disk Partition issue (Unallocated space should not be come)


      Hi All,


      This is regarding the Disk partitions issue in Windows XP legacy image.


      We have captured the Windows XP legacy image from 80 GB hard disk reference machine. That reference machine has 2 partitions C: and D: drive. ImageW V2 tool we were using to capture the image. Image format is .TBI  When we are deploying the same image using the provisioning template from LANDesk into 250Gb hard disk space machine. We are getting some space as unallocated as you can see it from the below mentioned screen shots.


      - Disk partitions does not use the entire disk:


      Machine 1:


      Machine 2:




      we have done the modification in the provisioning template under Post OS installation mode, extend partition (Disk 0, partition ID 2 and size “0”). when the provisioning template is executing when it comes to extended partition task We are getting the error as mentioned below.




      We have executed the disk part when its getting faild in WinPE mode in that machine its showing as below mentioned screen shot, it’s not showing the unallocated space details.




      Can anyone please let us know why we are getting remaining space as unallocated…. Whatever Harddisk space rasio its there in the reference machine the same kind of rasio should be come for 250GB harddisk like only C Drive and  D Drive. unallocated space should not be come, everything should be allocated within those drives itself. How can we fix this in the provisioning template itself.


      Kindly anyone advise me.....